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Urban Socio-Ecology in Metro Manila, The Philippines

As cities, especially coastal megacities, continue to grow often through rapid unplanned urbanisation, populations are increasingly concentrated in climate change-affected hazard-prone spaces. How these populations interact with their environments will ultimately influence their vulnerability to climate-related disaster. Yet the interdependence between human and environmental systems, especially in the urban slum context, is under-researched and represents an important gap in our understanding. Using a socio-ecological system approach provides a holistic framework to understand vulnerability. 

This research has three main aims: 1. Characterise slum socio-ecology; 2. Identify urban socio- ecological indicators; and 3. Geospatially map available socio-economic and biophysical vulnerability indicators of Metro Manila, Philippines as a proof-of-concept. The full paper can be found here

Informal settlement in Pasay City, Metro Manila. Photo credit: April May Caparas