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Tilly Alcayna MPH BA

Tilly has over eight years professional and academic experience in public health, epidemiology, environmental health, and disaster preparedness and response. She consults for the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) Resilient Communities Programme, and has previously worked for international NGOs such as the Red Cross and Voluntary Services Overseas, and also as a Policy Officer at the European Commission.


Her research interests include socio-ecological systems, environmental health, and disaster risk reduction. She has conducted research in the Philippines, South Sudan, Colombia, Nepal, South Africa, and the UK.


She gained her Masters in Public Health in Disasters from the T.H Chan Harvard School of Public Health, Karolinska Institute and the University of Oviedo. Her undergraduate degree was in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford.

Tilly has written reports for academia, donors, NGOs, as well as authoring several peer-reviewed publications related to disaster preparedness. She speaks English, French and Spanish.