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Review of the Year 2021

Review of the Year 2021


Image Credits: Tilly Alcayna

We’ve been grateful to have another busy year at Futureproof-Ideas, focussing our attention on two major aspects of the climate crisis: 1) climate change impacts on infectious diseases and 2) the shortfall in climate adaptation finance.

We’ve had the chance to work again with previous partners. The year started with a large multi-country evaluation for the Rainforest Foundation UK - who we had worked with previously - on “Embedding community Real Time Monitoring (RTM) to sustain livelihoods and forests in West and Central Africa”. Our Director of Research, Tilly Alcayna, continued to build on the climate adaptation finance work with Mercy Corps and joined researchers from ODI to explore whether and how climate adaptation programmes have been conflict-sensitive in fragile and conflict-affected countries, taking Mali as a case study.

In addition, we had the pleasure of engaging with new organisations. We investigated the factors determining the recurrence of infectious diseases amongst the BaAka in the Protected Areas of Dzanga-Sangha in CAR for new partners, WWF CAR and WWF Germany. And Tilly Alcayna could be found presenting work on forecasting for infectious diseases for the Climate and Humanitarian Crisis (PREPARE) Initiative.

COP26 was a key moment for climate negations, especially on climate finance. Tilly Alcayna heading to Glasgow for the second week and presented worked on climate finance for a UNFCCC side event, as well as on the climate impacts on health in the WHO Pavilion.

Looking forward, we hope to expand our work on Planetary Health. In particular, we will be tying our interest in endocrine disrupting chemicals within the ‘novel entities’ planetary boundary (which encapsulates the long-lived and toxic compounds that humans release into the environment) more closely with impacts on ecological and human health. Keep your eyes out for more updates on this work and all our other evaluations, assessments and research in 2022.

We wish you all a safe and happy transition from this year into the next.

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