Humanitarian Leadership Academy

An Evaluation project by FUTUREPROOF-IDEAS
May 2017

Review of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s MEAL Baseline Evaluation Indicators and Methodology
Commissioned by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) is a global learning initiative which works towards further enabling people to prepare for and respond to crisis in their own countries. HLA will open 10 Centres that will reach 40 countries with learning resources, training, and professional development opportunities. A key priority is to understand how the progress of the 10 Centres and Academy-focussed countries will be measured against the DFID approved logical framework, for which impact, outcome and output indicators have already been assigned. A benchmarking of the baseline situation for the Centres can then be established, from which to measure progress. Fundamental to this, is ensuring that the methodology for these baseline evaluations is robust and appropriate. The overarching aim of this study was to clarify any vague concepts in the DFID logframe, help establish operational validity, and promote understanding of the implementation of the logical framework between Academy associated colleagues moving forward.

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