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Many smallholder farmers are marginalised from market systems and formal financial services. This is a multi-faceted issue linked to the challenge faced by financial service providers in delivering rural financial products.

City Specific Focus on Humanitarian Collaboration

The best ways to initiate programmes with local partners in urban environments remain unclear. This qualitative study interviewed 44 actors working on urban disaster in three distinct settings; post-Typhoon Haiyan, in Tacloban, Ormoc, and Palo in the Philippines, displacement in Medellin, Colombia, and conflict in Juba, South Sudan. 

Local and International Humanitarian Collaboration

Traditionally, the humanitarian sector has responded to emergencies in rural contexts; however an increasing number of urban crises has necessitated a re-evaluation of standard procedures. The urban setting poses unique challenges, which are best met through close collaboration with local actors who understand the context.

Humanitarian Collaboration - Policy Brief

Humanitarian crises are increasingly taking place in urban contexts. This briefing presents the findings of a study assessing existing collaboration between local and international actors working in urban humanitarian response. Recommendations include empowering local agencies by funding them directly, and taking a holistic approach by designing programmes in line with local humanitarian or developmental agendas. 

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

An animation bringing to life the science and reality of endocrine disrupting chemicals which are affecting our health and environment. There is little in the way of mainstream coverage of EDCs given their prevalence in everyday products such as plastic bottles, metal food cans, and pesticide-sprayed foods. The harm they can cause by way of disrupting the body's hormone system includes lowering fertility and increasing the likelihood of some cancers. This project aims to raise awareness and knowledge of these risks

Matungou Clinic

Located in the remote Mentawai Islands off the Western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, this project is about working with remote communities to establish the first primary health care clinic on the island. We are undertaking this ambitious project in partnership with a local organisation, to ensure that the health needs of the local people are met, and their beautiful ecosystem remains unspoilt.

Slum Socio-Ecology

The interdependence between human and environmental systems, especially in the urban slum context, is under-researched and represents an important gap in our understanding. Taking a socio-ecological system approach provided a holistic framework to understand vulnerability in the slums of Metro Manila.

Community Management of Metabolic Diseases

Non-Communicable diseases make up the bulk of the global disease burden, and the main driver behind this is diet. We teamed up with community members from vulnerable migrant populations to devise methods of encouraging healthier consumption. 

Sustainable Agriculture in Boyacá, Colombia

Agriculture does not have to rely on pesticides and fertilisers. Natural cost-effective integrative agricultural strategies are showing their potential. We worked on a agroecological project in Boyacá, Colombia to produce fresh, seasonal products for the local markets. 

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