Futureproof Ideas

Research, evaluation, sustainability

We provide high-quality, trans-disciplinary quantitative and qualitative research, analysis and evaluation to inform policy and practice on challenges related to health, the environment, and society.

What we offer



Independent and transparent assessment of social and environmental impact and performance

Using a carefully crafted assessment framework, we provide rigorous analysis and independent verification of your environmental performance. We also develop plans to track performance and set goals that help demonstrate your commitment to environmentally and socially responsible thinking and action.



Quality evaluations that contribute to transparency, accountability and learning to inform policy and programming

We provide baseline, endline and final evaluations to organisations working on issues related to health, the environment, and humanitarian programmes. Consultants have worked in numerous countries worldwide and can deliver large-scale quantitative surveys using mobile data collection or qualitative participatory methods.



Independent original research as well as commissioned studies

Our expertise covers disaster risk management and climate change, global health, environmental epidemiology, and humanitarian crises. From research design to reporting findings, we ensure that the right people engage with the research: starting from the consultants themselves to the people that will be impacted.

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All health conditions pay the price with every assault on health systems

Damaged either deliberately or as collateral (or through structural violence, negligence on the part of their nation or the international...

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To prevent the next global crisis, don’t forget today’s small disasters

In an era of seemingly ceaseless tragedies, it can be hard to stay on top of the news. This week,...

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Our Founders

Tilly Alcayna

Tilly AlcaynaMPH MA FRSA

Director of Research

Tilly has over eight years professional and academic experience in climate change, public health, epidemiology, environmental health, and disaster preparedness and response. She consults for the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) Resilient Communities Programme, and has previously worked for international NGOs such as the Red Cross and Voluntary Services Overseas, and also as a Policy Officer at the European Commission. Her research interests include climate change impacts, socio-ecological systems, environmental health, and...

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Furat Al-Murani

Furat Al-MuraniMSc MBChB

Director of Innovation

Furat is a Medical Doctor by training and alongside being Director of Innovation at Futureproof-Ideas he is also theChief Business Development Officer at Helios Energy, a Solar Power company. After working clinically, heconsulted at the department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institute (KI), focussing hiswork on fostering partnerships between multiple stakeholders including government, non-government organisations (NGOs) and the private sector, before moving to the health/environment interface. Furat's belief that in order...

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Our Associate Team

  • Jack Hollingdale headshot

    Jack Hollingdale

    DClinPsy MSc BA MBPsS
  • Justin Healy headshot

    Justin Healy

  • Kelsey Gleason headshot

    Kelsey Gleason

    ScD MSc BSc
  • Rupert Day headshot

    Rupert Day

    MSc BA
  • Suzanne Phillips headshot

    Suzanne Phillips

    MSc BA
  • Verena Kohlbrenner headshot

    Verena Kohlbrenner

    MSc BSc
  • Victoria Parr headshot

    Victoria Parr

    LLM BA