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Health, the Environment, and Society     

We provide high-quality, trans-disciplinary quantitative and qualitative research, analysis and evaluation to inform policy and practice on challenges related to health, the environment, and society. 

We ensure that the right people engage with the research, starting from the consultants themselves, to the people who will be impacted. The Founders and Associates are researchers and practitioners in the fields of global health, medicine, epidemiology, environmental sustainability, humanitarian assistance, disease prevention and disaster management. 

Our core belief is that many desired health and societal outcomes are mutualistic with environmental sustainability. We work with organisations interested in seeking a holistic approach to cross-cutting local and global challenges. 


 Violence and Displacement in 

 Medellin, Colombia 

Previous Clients
The Team

Kelsey Gleason ScD MSc BSc

Associate - Epidemiology

Rachel Irwin PhD MSc MPhil

Associate - Health Policy & Governance